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Features of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

  • It is a fighting game where you have the chance to choose famous characters of the Star Wars Universe to play the game and complete a number of fights. Each of these characters possess some unique powers and abilities. As you progress through the game, you have the chance to pull data cards and farm, in order to collect more powerful characters.
  • Each character can be unlocked by farming Shards, which you can obtain them by completing a number of achievements or by buying various shipments. Once you have acquired the requisite number of Shards, you can activate the character you prefer and move on to the game.
  • You need to match all the appropriate equipment in order to get the best fight from your warriors. Keep in mind that it’s very significan to be able to complet properly this process. For example, you are not allowed to choose certain characters; the ones that have been already been selected by your opponent team.
  • Promotion levels can help you increase you statistics in the game. For example, you can increase the power of your heroes by training them.

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack

Why People Love This Game With Unlimited Crystals

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game is a lot of fun and completely engaging, due to the vast level of interaction and involvement of the players. The environment, the animations, as well as the incredible characters of the gmae are all rendered in great detail, which provides a great sense of immersion. But if you would like to play as a master of the game, make sure you use the amazing cheats. By doing so you can surpass your enemies, enjoy your battles and be able to move to more advanced levels by using unlimited amounts of credits and crystals. It’s absolutely safe to use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats and boost your performance in the game.

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game that’s strategic in character, developed by EA Capital Games. The quality of the game on mobile phones is great; graphics looks awesome. It’s based on the Star wars trilogy and also the Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, so those characters and plots come alive in this game. Some of the other characters which also appear are Jedi Consular, Guardian and Sentiel, which are cameos from the Legends.

The tutorial

The tutorial stars with Cantina’s bartender speaking to you. At the end of it, you will lock out many game features and start playing game’s levels. The order will be presented to you and then the fun can begin.


The game is divided into rounds in which different teams play until one of them wins. There are several modes in the game, some of which are Squad Arena, in which players choose five charachters, Cantina Battles, where you also choose five of them and go through the seven stages playing against computer characters, Galactic war, which takes you through 12 different stages, Light and Dark battles, and so on. You also get guilds, which send teams of five hologram avatars do battle, you can gear your heroes, which can appear in whole variety of colors (blue, green, white, purple), and you can control spaceships as well. The latest feature is added pretty recently and it offer 23 available ships. You can build your character according to four types of abilities and configure battles depending on how hard they are. You will also be met with the Daily quests, without which it would be very difficult to progress to the next level. There is a quick Daily checklist, which consists of Completing all your Daily Quests, Progressing Cantina Battles, Completing all Events, Farming Shards and Gear and so on. There are events as well, such as Profit Mining and Training Droids hunt, which enable you do unlock characters and receive awards. The game also has a lot of currencies, some of which are: Cantina Credits, which are earned when a Cantina Battle is won with which you can buy items in Cantina Shipment Crates, Ally Points, which are granted when you use an ally and when someone uses your Leader as their 6th party member, Cantina Energy, which will come in handy when battling in Cantina Battles and so on. The battles are exciting and straightforward, and although you can invest cash in the game, it is possible for you to progress without spending any money. It is a constant flow of battling, upgrading the characters, using rewards for further progress, which makes the game exciting, interesting and adrenaline – pumping.


The reception of the game was very well. Some describe as a game which is complex in an exciting kind of way, calling it great and fun, and some valued it as one of the best games recently developed for mobile phones.